January 2013
We did it again didn't we? We've been so concerned with sharing wacky photos in nerdy in-jokes on our social networks that we completely neglected our faithful old website.

So, some news: we are preparing for our first show of 2013. We will play at Barcelona's Aloud Music Festival on February 8th. We're excited to return to a city we haven't played in nearly 6 years.

We are also working on new material. We're hitting the studio in April to record 4 new pieces for our new record. Needless to say, this has been a long time coming and we're at once terrified and excited at committing our new material to tape for the first time. They're good nerves.

Lastly, we have confirmed a set at Bristol's ArcTanGent Festival this summer. Our first UK confirmation for 2013.

We'll write more soon.

August 2012
Looking through these old news updates, we have been pretty slow on the draw recently. As you will no doubt have noticed, we played two shows at Hoxton Hall. We had a really great time and are hugely grateful for all the help from everyone involved, not to mention the support from everyone who came along. We hope y'all enjoyed the new pieces. We're very pleased with where they're going and are excited to finally hit the studio (later this year) and get to work on album #2 (!).

In the meantime, we'll make our brand new shirt designs (put together by our regular co-conspirator Hannah Clare) available online. As per usual, we're strapped for cash - please dive in if you like the autumn collection.

Et finalement, you can also find us sharing wacky photos and nerdy in-jokes in the usual places: facebook, twitter. Join the fun.

May 2012
Again, all we can do is apologise for the gap between these news updates. We're reserving them for real news, and we have some now:

Our first (and maybe only) show of 2012 will happen on July 19th at London's Hoxton Hall. We might play all of our new songs, if they're finished in time. The show is currently sold out, though we are in talks with the venue and the promoters to push the capacity and open up more spaces. Needless to say, we are very excited about this.

The Facebook listing is here. See you there.

Jan 2012
Apologies, firstly, for the lack of yh news recently. We've been busy writing music at our monthly meet-ups and are excited to be getting closer to airing the new material.

Secondly, we are expecting the arrival of a new pressing of the Enjoy Eternal Bliss 2xLP vinyl in the next few weeks. These will be on coloured vinyl (!) and will be available from our webstore as soon as we have copies available. This stock will also be used to fulfil all outstanding orders that came in after the end of the last pressing.

Lastly, James and Olly from yh also play in the band Saint Coltrane. Their debut 7” - a split with Miami's Weird Wives - will be released on Enjoyment Records in February. Click here for more info and to hear.

July 2011
We have played our first shows of 2011.
They were both a lot of fun, and we had certainly missed playing those songs. We'd like to say thanks to everyone involved, especially to Mark Pearse, the shady bard crew and the members of the A Lily live band. Not to mention, of course, everyone who came to the shows and bought shirts, CD's etc. etc. As always, if anyone has any photos or recordings, please forward to us - we'd love to see.

We're officially doing our best to do more at the moment. We live far away from each other and have busy lives outside of yh, but we love writing music together and will endeavour to keep doing so. We might even have a new record out sooner or later.

Thanks for reading.

May 2011
We have booked our first show of 2011.
Details here:
lastfm page tickets

See you there. Yes.

Jan 2011
We are excited to announce that we have confirmed a set at this year's Two Thousand Trees Festival in the UK.
See you there.

older news
Wilkommen ins our new website. It's been a while, but we're glad to renew. A million thanks to Alex Harbin and Hannah Clare for all of their help. Now, here's hoping we'll get more done in 2011...(it's tough, and we've been away for a while, apologies)

We have also just signed a new licensing/sync deal with the Aim Low Music/Music Sales group. All licensing requests from now should go through our main man Mark Pearse: mark[at]

Past News